2015 Maaco Month of Miracles

December 17, 2015

CHARLOTTE, NC – Maaco’s inaugural Maaco Month of Miracles wrapped up the month of July raising $32,350 from the participating 45 shops across the Maaco system.  That’s more than $30,000 in just 30 days! To end the campaign on a celebratory note, Maaco invited representatives from each charity to the Driven Brands, Inc. corporate office in Charlotte, NC for a check presentation ceremony.  


  • Mark Griffith, Director of Fund Development for Carolinas HealthCareFoundation, accepted a donation of $21,550 on behalf of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals; $10,000 of which was contributed from franchisee efforts and donations via the Driven Brands Charitable Foundation.


  • Mike Fisher, Chief Development Officer – Fundraising for AMVETS, accepted a donation of $9,920.


  • Phillippe Roe and Georgene Franchise, Board Members of 1-800-Charity Cars, accepted a donation of $2,690.


  • A representative from Hope for the Warriors was unable to attend the ceremony, by the charity received a donation of $8,190.
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